Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Video Projector Tips

Each year around mid-September I receive lots of projector-related tickets. The reason is typically weather-related and over half can be resolve with a simple procedure.

Below are two tips to help teachers reset their projector and extend lamp life:

Tip #1: Reset projector
As we experience cooler mornings, you may come in one school morning and discover that your video projector will not turn on.  Often, a quick fix is simply unplugging the projector from the ceiling mount and plugging it back in (works as a reset).  I had three calls this morning relating to this problem and performing this simple procedure allowed 2 of 3 to work immediately.  If you try this and your projector still will not turn on, then the lamp or projector may need replacement (which will require a help ticket).

Tip #2: Extend lamp life
As I walk around the campus, I often see projectors on during conference and lunch periods.  This will lead to premature lamp replacement (which cost several hundred dollars).  I don’t suggest turning off your projector during short breaks (since this also negatively affects lamp life), but turning it off during 30-minute conference and lunch breaks will save lamp life and electricity.  You can leave your computer files loaded and ready to go for next class since they will not be affected when the projector is off.  Most projectors will come on within a minute so little preparation is required to be in ready mode.

I hope this helps!