Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really Cool (and Free) Resources on the Web

I attended a TCEA Webinar during lunch today and learned about some free educational resources you might want to check out (if you don’t already know about them):
Gravity Assist Simulator
Note: good for science classes

Note: good for all classes but topics seem to blend science, philosophy, and human experience (my kind of thing)

Why Do Americans Vote on Tuesdays?
Note: good current event topic and good example of the TEDed content that classes can benefit from)

If you like the above resources, then check out more from “TCEA’s Lunch and Learn” site:
Note: be sure to check out the last three items: 6-12 Tools, Links, Resources (you will be glad you did!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tip: Lock your screen when you step away

Did you know you can lock your computer screen rather than leave it unattended when you need to leave your classroom or office for a few minutes?  Simply press the Windows logo and L keys at the same time.

When you return you simply type your password and everything on the screen displays as before (including any open programs and files).

Using screen lock anytime you step away from your computer is especially helpful if you have sensitive documents and student-related records on the screen.  I sometimes see unattended computers with Skyward open and though this easy-to-learn tip would be helpful (especially if you have students still in the classroom or nearby with easy access).  Turning off your monitor or waiting for the screensaver to come on in 10 minutes is not secure enough in some scenarios.

By the way, I understand today is “Mole Day” (at least from 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM).  While it is an unofficial holiday popular among chemistry teachers and students, I always thought a better name would be “Molemorial Day” (sorry, couldn’t resist…ha!).