Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Classroom Check List for Teachers Before Summer Break

Teachers, it's time to store and secure classroom-related technologies for the summer!

The end of a school year is an exciting time for teachers (especially as you anticipate that much deserved summer break).  I know you have lots of things to do before you leave campus next week.  We, at the Technology Center, want to help you get your room ready for summer cleaning as best as possible so please use the following check list:
  1. Check to see if your room is used for summer staff development or summer school.  If so, please leave your computer, your remotes and your SMART Markers out for whoever uses your room.  I plan to be in the loop throughout the summer so I will keep an eye on things for you (in case that makes you feel better).  I will unplug your computer and related equipment when the time comes to have your room cleaned.  Talk to me if you have specific instructions or concerns regarding technology items.
  2. If your room is NOT being used for summer staff development or summer school, lock up your “easy to walk away items” like projector remotes, SMART Markers, SMART eraser, Document cameras, iPods/iPads.  Put these in a desk drawer or file cabinet and lock them up.  It is also a good idea to place a small piece of scotch tape over each of the pen sensors of your SMART Board to keep the dust out during the summer.  If possible, please unplug your power strip (with cables still plugged in) and place them over your desk.  This will make it easy to plug everything back in after your room is cleaned.  This means that you do not need to disconnect every cable like the past (exceptions are cables running to equipment not on your desk).  If ac adapters are unique to specific equipment, label them so you don’t have to “experiment” in August and risk damaging equipment.
  3. Planning to move classrooms?  If so, DO NOT MOVE equipment.  If you are changing rooms, make sure you have put in a Tech Request letting us know if you need items moved.  Moving them yourself may cause problems down the line.  Keep your computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse out on your desk.  This helps us with summer updates since we anticipate hooking everything back up once the floors are cleaned.
  4. Don’t forget to save your files!  Save anything you have on your desktop to your Z:Drive (the drive with your name on it).  This will be a backed-up copy of what you have on your computer.
  5. Eject any CDs in your computer.  We usually have calls each summer to help someone get their Neil Diamond or Boston CD out of a computer CD/DVD-ROM drive.  We would rather use our time for other dire emergencies (but we understand good road trip music is important)!
  6. Do you have broken or unused technology equipment in your classroom?  If so, let me know and I will arrange for items to be removed.  Be sure to label what works or doesn’t work to make it easy on your favorite campus technology coordinator (yes, I know I am the only one but it sounded good anyway!).
  7. Last, but not least: Have a great summer!  Do something fun every week and be prepared to share the highlights in August!
 - Eddie

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