Monday, January 2, 2012

Technology Assessment for Kerrville ISD Teachers

I believe you should have received an email from Joel Adkins during the break with the details of the Tech Assessment.  For your inconvenience, here are the basic instructions of the overall process (in case you no longer have the original email):

1.    Go to –
2.    On the right in the box, type your firstname.lastname – just like you do each morning at work.
3.    For password, enter the word “tech”
4.    And for district, type EXACTLY: Kerrville ISD – with the K and ISD in capital letters, and a space after the e in Kerrville ISD
5.    The window opens with your name at the top and Assessment tab open. Click START to go through a series of instructions on how to navigate the online testing window.
6.    Once you go through each instructional step, you may BEGIN your assessment.

If you need more time, you can simply close out of the program and it will save your progress. When completed, submit your test. You will not receive a grade at the end of the assessment. Your score will be sent to you AFTER the testing window ends on January 31. We have to calculate the average scores and district data before we can send you an individual score.

Thanks for participating!  The results will help with professional development and long-term planning.

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