Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Video Projectors Tips

Below are some tips for teachers who use video projectors on a regular basis:

Tip #1:
As we experience cooler mornings, you may come in one school morning and discover that your video projector will not turn on.  A quick fix is simply unplugging the projector from the ceiling mount and plugging it back in.  This has been the case twice this week and once last week.  If you try this and your projector still will not turn on, then the lamp or projector may need replacement (which will require a help ticket).

Tip #2:
As I walk around the campus, I often see projectors on during conference hours (and sometimes after school). This is wasting lamp hours and will lead to premature lamp replacement (which cost between $250-400 depending on unit). I don’t suggest you turn the projector on and off in between short usage (this also negatively affects lamp life), but if you are not using the projector during a space of 20-plus minutes (such as your conference time), then turn it off and save lamp life and electricity.  You can always leave your computer files loaded and ready to go for next class since they will not be affected by the projector’s on and off status. Most projectors will come on within a minute so little preparation is required to be in ready mode.

Tip #3:
Vibrations from AC Units and loose ceiling mounts may affect screen alignment over time.  If you have a SMART Board, you may need to calibrate every few weeks to account for the incremental shifts due to slight vibrations over time.  If you have to calibrate every week, let me know and I will inspect mounts to make sure they are adjusted properly. 

Tip #4:
If your projector remote is missing, broken, or in need of batteries, then let me know.  I have a few extra remotes and some batteries in my office.

I hope these tips help you at some point!

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