Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to create a Help Ticket through Eduphoria

Several of you have sent me text or emails indicating that you are having trouble sending help tickets via the Kerrville ISD web site.  If you are getting a page asking for an organization number, then you have selected the wrong icon (SchoolDude is for maintenance requests only).  You need to select the icon that is called “eduphoria! SchoolObjects” to place a technology-related help ticket.  It looks like this (see below for visual example of icon):

Last year, there was associated text indicating “tech help” (or something along those lines) but with the expansion of several eduphoria applications, there is now a more general icon which will take you to the suite of apps page.  Once you click on the icon, you will need to enter your Kerrville ISD email address and password (password is usually the same but that depends on if you created a different one…not preset).  If you can’t remember password, then select the option to have it reset.

Once you see the “eduphoria myapplications” icon (see below), there will be several applications to choose from:

Select the “helpdesk” icon…

…and select the “Create a New Request” action item and then fill out the needed info.  Hopefully, the above steps will clear up the confusion.

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