Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday's Techie Teamwork at Tivy

I only thought Monday morning was crazy when about 15% of the computers on the Tivy campus had no network access (mostly labs).  With creativity, we got through the day.  By the end of the school day, over half of the campus computer had no network access (meaning staff could not login, access Internet, Skyward, and Outlook Mail).  Yikes!

Yesterday was a long day of problems-solving.  Mario Juarez (our network admin) worked all day on related problems.  We checked switches, looked for patterns to gain insight to the problems, and by mid-day we were still scratching our heads.  By the afternoon the whole district lost email.  Channel 2 was also down.  It was a bit stressful but cool heads and a spirit of cooperation characterized the day.  Situations like this also reminds us how strongly dependent we are with our our technologies!

From a reflection standpoint, yesterday was a great example of teamwork.  Teachers and office staff who were among the half with no network access went into “Plan B” mode.  They remained patient and supportive as we worked on the problems.  Bill Orr, our tech-savvy finance guru at central, came to Tivy and spent a few hours after lunch to help us implement a temporary solution so we could get a few key office computers up and running.  By 4 PM, Nathan Green (software specialist) and Joel Adkins (Chief Technology Officer) came down to lend a hand.  By 6 PM, we had all the major problems corrected (or had work-arounds in place).  Whew!  It was a relief in the end!  But what sticks with me more than anything today is being part of a great team that is committed to excellence!

Monday, February 14, 2011

TCEA Conference Rocks!

Last week, I attended my first Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference in Austin. It was fantastic! I can't wait to go again.  Three of us from Tivy attended (myself, Matt Turner, and Jane Austin). Another dozen from Kerrville ISD went as well.  I think it was smart of Joel to ask at least two people from each campus to represent at TCEA.  The conference offers tons of classes, top-notch vendors at the exhibit hall, and great keynote speakers. I enjoyed hearing Leigh Anne Tuohy (real "Blind Side" mom) speak on Wednesday morning. The place was packed!  If you are asked to attend next year, my best advice is to say "YES!"  For more info about TCEA, click here.

BTW, I brought back about 20 lbs. of literature.  About half of it I will share with teachers and, do you have room for some more paper on your desk?  : )