Monday, January 10, 2011

Safe Password Suggestions

I have been asked several times in recent weeks about a good method for creating safe passwords. I recommend that you change your main password 2-3 times a year for security measures. I know this is a pain but it proves to be wise in the end.
Good passwords should not include your name and not easily found in the dictionary. I recommend a combination of at least six letters, characters, and numbers (having all three represented is best but at least two is fine – adding both lower and upper case letters is even better!). It’s best to make it something fairly easy to remember like: “2$00n2tell” or “4everC00l” (zeros instead of letter “o”). I like to make it easy to type as well as easy to remember. So, spend some time thinking about it…be creative..and make it something you won’t easily forget. : )

Reminder: when you change your password at the Kerrville ISD login, it automatically changes it for your KISD Outlook Mail account as well (which is quite helpful). However, other school-related passwords (i.e. Skyward, Eduphoria) will remain the same and will require a separate process for changing passwords.

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