Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cell Phone Technology Perceptions

I came across a cartoon last night while reading an online article that sought to capture the technology perceptions of the current top three cell phone users: Blackberry, iPhone, and Android (see below). While it doesn't represent everyone in these categories perfectly, it does represent the various attitudes of many cell phone users. It also reflects that we humans like our technology options and we certainly have preferences and expectations that affect what we choose to buy and use on a daily basis (of course, money is a big factor too).

One of the top questions I get from both staff and students as I pass them in the hallways is cell-phone related. They are curious about my thoughts and how to make something work (usually Outlook Exchange when it comes to staff). Regarding the three top cell phone users, I have boiled down what appear the main differences between the top cell phones on the market at the moment (meaning, you never know what 2012 will offer us). This is not meant to be comprehensive...just based on observations and conversations with users of each type.
  • Blackberry: tends to appeal to business-minded users; advantages are fast and reliable email accounts and great phone functions; disadvantages seem to be lack of touch screens and smaller app selection
  • iPhone: tends to appeal to media-driven users; advantages are lots of apps, especially social networking apps; disadvantages seem to be expense, doesn't support third-party apps, painfully slow and tedious emailing process and doesn't fully support Outlook Exchange, and the well-know issues with phone calling and functions
  • Android: tends to appeal to those who like iPhone but looking for another option (reasons vary but strong Google users top the list); advantages include lots of apps (especially third-party apps written by the open-source community) and phone models vary from touch screen and keyboard combos; disadvantages include slower process for emailing and doesn't fully support Outlook Exchange
Anyway, let me know if I missed a major feature or function in the above list. Don't forget to comment on the to hear your thoughts!  -- Eddie

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