Saturday, December 4, 2010

SSD vs HDD: Is the price finally right?

This post is one for the techies reading...

One constant in technology is that hardware speeds and prices change constantly. If you wait long enough, that coveted piece of new technology will be half the price a year or two later and usually a better version than what you first wanted!

Here is an example: For about two years, I wanted to buy a solid state hard drive (which use flash technology) because of the speeds, much quieter, and promised performance gains over traditional hard drives (which use more moving parts like spinning platters). But who could afford it? Now, two years later, I can finally get a 64 GB SSD for under $150. Hmmm...tempting.  After all, this is a great option is you plan to use a SSD drive for your O/S and primary apps and install a fast HDD (say 500 GB 7200 RPM) in your PC for all your normal storage needs. After all, I am use to having 2-3 drives in my main PC so I find this scenario acceptable -- and far more affordable than entertaining the thought of buying a 256 GB SDD for $500!


  1. Hey Eddie,
    How do you get your computer to booth up on your SSDs? Does it require a updated Motherboard?
    Romain Slabbaert

    1. Romain, thanks for reading my blog and sharing your questions! SSDs do work pretty much the same except they are much faster. Of course, they are more expensive. When prices drop some more I will be buying one for home. I don't think upgrading your motherboard will be necessary unless it is older than 5-6 years (and this is mainly due to avoid too much of gap in hardware generations.

      For more info on SSDs, read the following: