Friday, October 8, 2010

Tech Help Requests

Some of you have mentioned to me this week that you placed tech-related tickets through the Help Desk but do not receive an email confirmation or see your request in your web version of the Eduphoria Help Desk (“Review My Requests”).  Guess what?  It’s nothing you are doing wrong.  There has been a recent discovery that some tech help requests aren’t going in to the system. This means that neither the Tech Center nor I are receiving them.  The Tech Center is working on the problem right now.  If this happened to you, you now know for sure that we are not ignoring you…promise.  :  )

Here are my suggestions regarding Tivy Tech Help Requests from this point forward:
1) Continue to place your tech-related requests via the Help Desk.  Use either the web link located in the staff section of the KISD web page or the web link provided below my signature area.  We rely on this system for several reasons and we expect the problems to be resolved soon.
2) Send me a quick email letting me know you tech needs if it applies to the scope of my duties here on campus (  Do this even if you think your tech request goes through because I do not want you to wait while your ticket request is being processed and assigned to me.  Plus, I get email through my cell phone and it will buzz me when your email is delivered.  If I am in your wing or near it, I may be able to help you very quickly (this happened yesterday and within five minutes I was able to get a teacher’s computer running just in time for her next class – this could be you!).
3) Call or text my cell phone in situations where your computer goes down or you need help with something ASAP.  Obviously, you can’t send a web-based tech request if you can’t use your computer.  I will trust your judgment to what is an urgent matter and what can wait until I read your email or get the help desk ticket.  So far, the entire staff has done a great job communicating with me (and being patient with me) so I see no problems here.

I hope the above refined strategy will help both you and me as we together figure out the best method for resolving tech-related issues in a reasonable time period.  In tech-related matters that I can’t resolve, I will be glad to help you place these requests to the right department or person.

On a personal note (yes, a techie does have a personality), I really enjoy being your C.T.C.  What makes it meaningful is knowing that I can help the Tivy staff with their technology needs since I realize that with each repair or implemented solution translates to increase teaching, learning, and office productivity.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know each of you the last few weeks.

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